- First snowfall -

When you live between the mountains you could easily forget they exist. You have to keep your eyes and heart open like a kid that discovers something new day by day. The older you get the harder it is because you think you know already everything. But you should visit the same places at least four times – Every season once.

We have already been so many times to the dolomites in summer that it’s hard to find new places. This year we wanted to make a change, so we took our car and went south again. This time in december. And it was definetely one of our best ideas.  In the dolomites, in summer, you are already overwhelmed by the silence… but the snow takes it to the next level. The only thing you can hear is your heartbeat and the falling snowflakes when a small breeze is showing up.

After this epic but freezing day we needed more movement to stay hot. So the next day we went to a local resort with our toboggans to race down the snowy  slope and hiked up again and again.

pragser wildsee lake mountain snow ice cabin
fog snow mountains trees forrest
Fog in the forrest mountains snow
man on ice lake frozen mountains prags lake wildsee
toboggan snow tyrol forrest people