- Chasing ice -

Helping to fight climate change we went on a day trip to maintain the camera for the so called “Chasing Ice” project.

What first started as a cloudy and cold day changed rapidely when we have made the first meters up. We were already worried about not beeing prepared well enough for the fast changing conditions when you head towards these frozen giants. 

It was almost like the gods wanted us to go ahead, as the sun came out right when we had first contact with the ice. 

It was a incredible view and you suddenly realize how much mankind has already destroyed since the beginning of industrialization. Knowing photographs of the same place70 years ago makes you speechless. The ice has reduced dramatically and the danger of falling rocks increased.


That’s why we decided to help the team to maintain the cameras, which document the daily changes by taking pictures periodically. It was an easy workflow, and the team had already maintained another camera some months ago. Overall we are really proud to be able to play a little part in this project.

And maybe one day, not so far away, we all will realize that we are the ones who have to take care of our surroundings. That we are responsible for our actions and the direct influences to our environment. That even the smallest action could have a big impact if we just all work together! 

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