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Aloloco? What?!

“Aloloco” comes from “A lo loco” that means in Spanish “in a crazy way”. Therefore if you are a bit wild you landed on the right page. In this blog you can find useful information about how to combine a normal life working 40h per week with an exciting and cool one. We are a couple of kids with a body of adults, that want to have fun, travel , try new things, explore and find happiness with small things day by day. Our heroes are Forrest Gump, Pippi Longstocking and Hermione Granger.
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Flo 26

From Tyrol. Developer who changed the computer for a sewing machine. Fan of every sport specially the ones that require a board.

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Fátima 30

From Basque Country. Designer that brings pencils and brushes in the rucksack everywhere. Addicted of leaving the comfort zone.

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